Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cheltenham Results Day One...

Day One Results:
It was a case of 'nearly' and at bigger prices you have to expect that. I had a 'saver' on the favourites that I feared in the form of doubles / treble which helped. I also got another 2nd place with Polly Peachum in the 4.00pm but wasn't confident enough to put it in the Day One post. Even so, anyone following should have made a reasonable profit.

Jolly Allen 11/1 (e/w) - 8th
Qewy 14/1 (e/w) - 5th
Tell Us More 16/1 (e/w) -6th

Vibrato Voltat 6/1 - 4th
Josses Hill 14/1 (e/w) - 3rd

Mentions for a few quid:
Court Minstrel - 30/1 e/w - 5th
Gods Own 40/1 (e/w) - 2nd

This race was just a bit of fun really. Indian Castle and Gallant Oscar made the frame but I was only on Indian Castle and some of the other losers. So lost a few quid here.

Jezki 11/2 - 4th
Arctic Fire 20/1 (e/w) - 2nd

I'll try and put up my bets a bit earlier today - hopefully by 12.00.

Good luck.

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