Monday, 9 March 2015


Well it will be a week off for me - watching Cheltenham (on TV) placing bets and having fun!

Cheltenham tends to produce static markets due to the high liquidity - so it is great for pre-race 'scalpers' (small movement / tick traders) who are prepared to go in with big stakes. I have never been the world's greatest scalper and I don't plan on trying to improve during the festival. The only pre race markets I tend to trade are Maidens or any race where it looks like I might get in a decent swing trade (multiple tick / large movement).

In play markets are also different during Cheltenham, perfectly tradable, but I am happy to leave them, relax and watch the racing.

So whilst the few good scalpers are making hundreds or even thousands of pounds per race - I'll be checking some stats and placing bets instead!

I will try and put bets up on the blog just for fun. I haven't yet had an unprofitable Cheltenham - although last year wasn't great.

Some bets will be well ahead of time - other bets may be closer to the off.

Good luck.

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