Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Can They Do It?

Can England win Euro 2016? Or get anywhere close?

I think 'no' has to be the resounding answer to that. I thought the Turkey game was an absolute disaster and although I couldn't face watching the Australia game the scoreline doesn't suggest that we did much better.

England have some young talent - but we've had that before. We used to have the best midfield in the world on paper with Lampard, Gerrard, Cole, Scholes and so on - and we never got anywhere in the big tournaments.

Is Hodgson going to manage to pull it all together in the time remaining? I doubt it. In the end it will probably be nerves and pressure on young shoulders that will see us exit the competition prematurely.

Let's hope I'm wrong. I would hate to see, what might turn out to be, another 'golden generation' go to waste due to poor management or preparation.

Well look on the bright side, we certainly haven't peaked too soon!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Party time for the Leicester boys

Well they've only gone and done it!

It wasn't really a surprise that it happened last night at Chelsea (see last post).

I forget the number of times Chelsea have looked down and out against Spurs at Stamford Bridge, only to rally and get a result. Spurs haven't managed to win at the Bridge since 1990.

Still, I think there is hope for Spurs, they are a young side with a good manager and he is changing the culture at White Hart Lane to a 'can do' one. One day soon they probably will win something meaningful. I just don't think they were ready to win the title this season - the last fifteen minutes of the match last night showed that more than anything. Spurs set out to have a go at Chelsea players instead of concentrating on winning the game. At least they showed a bit of spirit for once, sadly it was directed in the wrong area. To blow a 2-0 lead against a Chelsea side that aren't really playing like a Chelsea side, is not the stuff of Champions.

The last time Leicester won the Premiership

Leicester were 5000/1 to win the title. So that means they should win roughly 1 in 5000 seasons. If you imagine that Premiership football has been going on back through the ages, then 5000 seasons ago would take us back to around 3000 B.C. A long time ago. We're talking Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt, the building of the city of Troy, the constructing of Stone Henge.

In fact we know those odds are rubbish - bookmakers put them out after all. So the actual probability is probably greater. Odds of 25,000/1 might be more like it but my 'history' doesn't go back that far..

Congratulations to Leicester City.