Saturday, 20 December 2014

Finally Messi...

You might have noticed the new ad for FIFA 15 that has hit your screens, with Messi and Hazard fighting it out on their consoles in the obligatory Christmas setting.

As a Chelsea fan I had to laugh, because Messi finally gets to score a goal against the Blues - even though he hasn't yet managed it in 'real football' - including missing a penalty.

I wonder if scoring against us was a condition of his advertising contract!

Still, he's a great player, one of a kind, so I probably shouldn't tempt fate as the next round of Champions League games approaches..

Merry Christmas Lionel.

You Tube - FIFA 15

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Is Racing Cruel..?

Racing has lost some nice horses in the last few weeks and the debate on whether or not racing is a 'cruel' sport will no doubt run and run. The discussions usually heat up around the running of the 'public races' like the Grand National and I suspect that many who watch those races don't have a clue that racing loses horses throughout the year on a regular basis.

Personally I don't think racing is cruel but no-one will convince me that horses enjoy racing, although that said, there are a small number of horses who do appear to 'excel' on the big occasion; if you could give a horse a choice of pounding around a racecourse on forelegs about the size of your arm or grazing in a large field , then the latter would be the choice every time.

Racing is an entertaining sport, a unique sport in that it is the only major sport where Man and animal work in tandem towards a common goal...except that the goal is not really 'common'. The goal for the jockey is to 'win' but not necessarily for the horse. Many horses suffer heart attacks or suffer other fatal injuries - very often as a result of fatigue. Of course thoroughbreds need running but I suspect they would rather do it on their own terms.

Racing carries risk and it always will, let's face it, there are not many sports where an ambulance follows you around while you are competing! The fatalities will always occur and all we can do is minimise the risks to horses and jockeys.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Too Slow...

Just a bit of a laugh really. I recorded this a few weeks ago - pretty poor race over 4m on heavy ground. Snails pace at the start!

Either you just say 'ok this is a pretty dire midweek race over a long distance' and forgive the jocks. Or you say 'they're paid to do a job so start racing!'

Didn't get involved on the trading front!

You Tube:

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reality Isn't Real...

I have always been uneasy about my place in the world. Although I am generally confident, happy and content, I know that something doesn't quite 'fit' and, worse still, that that 'something' is way beyond my understanding, however, I have no doubt that it exists.

Of course my uneasiness does not stem from sensing some mysterious parallel universe or anything of that nature, merely that with what we know of life and the vast universe that surrounds us, I am unwilling to take our 'reality' at face value.

Hence my interest in Quantum Physics. I remember that it came as quite a relief to me when I first read about the Quantum world, as if it explained everything!

Part 1 of an excellent program on Quantum Physics, hosted by Jim Al-Khalili, was recently shown on TV and it did bring home to me once again how weird the world of Quantum Mechanics actually is.

The battle between Einstein and Bohr raged for years. Einstein essentially maintaining that the physical reality that we know, exists more or less as we see it, with Bohr maintaining that this could not be:

"Everything we call real is made up of things we cannot call real."

Bohr believed that in essence we 'summon into existence' reality by seeing it.

'How ridiculous' you might think, except that it has now been mathematically proven, without doubt, that Bohr was correct and Einstein was wrong. Therefore reality (certainly at the sub-atomic level) is, as yet, 'unknowable' and it is certainly not what you think it is, we just don't yet understand what it is.

Later, John Bell (Physicist) effectively streamlined the theory into this:

P(a, c) - P(b, a) - P(b, c) ≤ 1

So what are we? Where are we? It seems that we could just as easily 'exist' in the far reaches of space with our lives here being nothing more than a cosmic projection... every decision we make might create another universe... there are infinite possibilities, in fact virtually anything you can imagine could be true.

For the realists, who perceive the world as it is without question, all I can offer you is the possibility that perhaps the physical world is not as 'fluid' as Bohr would have us believe. Yet equally there will be many more Quantum 'suprises' to come in our future.

The great thing is that it doesn't matter if we 'non-physicists' fail to grasp Quantum Physics - because none of the great minds of our time have fully understood it either. Your suppositions are as good as theirs. So go ahead and theorise!

Don't worry, in my next post I'll be getting back to reality...kind of.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

You Be Lucky...

Here is quite an interesting trade on You Be Lucky. He's often a front runner but I didn't fancy him to get home. You can check out how the trade went below. It looked nip and tuck for a moment but then it often does in these types of races.

You Tube:

Monday, 8 December 2014

Balbriggan and Oscar Whiskey...

Great shame about Balbriggan and Oscar Whiskey who both suffered fatal injuries over the weekend...from what I saw of the latter for an instant on live pictures, it looked like a nasty rear leg injury and the horse was clearly in some distress - as you would expect - and there was only one option.

Oscar Whiskey


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Ohh Leicester...

I got caught out today in the 13.30 at Leicester - should have known better with the uphill finish as it is - but the ground wasn't desperate and so I didn't eliminate my liability completely. Ringa Bay went out to 1000.0 before coming back to win.

I'd hedged out of most of my liability, so can't complain, and one of these days I will catch that 1000.0 spike!

So no real damage done but in essence it was a £50.00 turnaround on this trade - but still a profitable day. I actually love it when this happens (as long as I don't have full exposure!) it's a great credit to horse and jockey.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pre Race or In Play...

For me, the 'Rolls Royce' of exchange trading has always been pre-race trading. The fact that I prefer / do a bit more in-play trading is neither here nor there. You do need bags of concentration, in my view, to get through three or four racecards a day, six days a week on the pre-race and I don't always feel like applying myself over that sort of time period!

That said, I am often in the pre-race markets, especially if I have no real angle in-play. Making a bit of cash and spreading it between some big priced runners as a free bet can reap dividends

In pre-race trading it is more about the numbers on the screen. In-play it is more about reading the race. Horse racing knowledge helps if you are a pre-race trader but is critical with in-play trading.

If you have a positive expectation as regards profit in your betting/trading then there should be nothing stopping you doing both!

Monday, 1 December 2014

Races To Avoid...

There are a few types of race that I like to avoid when laying in running. Of course I will take each race as it comes - but I did manage to catch an example on video that highlighted the problems that can arise. Poor race, small field, bad jumping!

You Tube: