Monday, 15 June 2015

Trading System Update...

I thought I should update where I am on the Trading System that I was working on.

It started out as a very selective system - and although I don't have an 'itchy trigger finger' - going days in a row without a trade might have proven problematic over the long term.

When I last updated at the end of March we had around 8 points of profit. I spent most of April tweaking things and trying to work out how to get more trades into the market. As a result, at the beginning of May, we hadn't moved much and were still around the 8 point mark but I'd only had a few trades due to this process.

Approaching the middle of May I kicked on again in earnest with some good results. As the months and years go by I will check all my results against distance, course, price, conditions, weight and other useful criteria and perhaps eliminate certain trades that look unprofitable. It's a very long process but there is really no shortcut. This is not a system that can be back-tested. It is something very unique.

The results shown are for a three week period (ten day break over half term)
from 11 May - 10 June. Profit = 48.25 points. It might be wise to expect some kind of draw-down quite shortly...who knows.

Post Note: Apologies, the results sheet below does not lend itself well to the post / blogger. It's probably too large. From now on I will probably just have to post totals only.


  1. Hello. I discovered your blog a little. I am Brazilian from Sao Paulo, and I follow the races making trade by Betfair. Sometimes losing, other winning at the moment more winning than losing. I got to test some trading systems, but rather the same trade. I like to see prices moving and trading volume. I found that is developing a system and I think like you, because for correct results may appear, you have to make a lot of bets, it can be seasonal with a hot streak.

    Basically do more that lays backs because whenever I try a back, most of the time the market goes against, but I still lack the long awaited consistency.

    I will follow your blog.


  2. Good luck - hope you enjoy the blog. I have been to Sao Paulo and Brazil. Lovely place!