Monday, 17 August 2015

Blue's Blues...

Firstly I am well aware that I have not posted for a while. Unfortunately I am not one of those prolific - 'blog from anywhere' - type of bloggers. I am in the middle of a six week holiday which I intend to enjoy, although I have to say that it is quite shameful taking it in the middle of summer with all the horse racing that is on!

I felt I had to post though after Chelsea's terrible start to the season... I say 'start to the season' but perhaps that should be 'end of preseason' - they just don't look as if their season has even begun!

More worrying is the fact that my beloved Jose doesn't see, or pretends not to see, that we were woefully under-prepared for the first two matches; slow to the ball, losing the ball too easily, poor passing and just generally not the cohesive unit that we were last season.

Away grounds can be lonely places...

Dressing room bust up? Eva? Chelsea have had 'player power' incidents in the past with Andre Villas-Boas and Mourinho has also made 'statements' in the past by making odd decisions and substitutions.

The rest of the league will be loving it. That's ok. Let's just batten down the hatches put a win on the board and start grinding out those results. Maybe by the end of the season we can wipe a few smiles off a few faces...Come on Chels!