Monday, 5 December 2016

Small Man Complex...

Great game on Saturday - Man City v Chelsea. A pity about the conclusion. Still, we've known for a while that Aguero has a 'dark side' especially when he is made to feel 'small'. It's as if he was spawned from deep within Mordor.

Mummy never bought me a I'll use David Luiz instead.. (2013)

Oops, I did it again... for I must destroy all mankind..especially if they're Brazilian.. (2016)

There are also 'rules' in football that players generally abide by. The fans may see a match as war but the players are usually sportsmanlike with one another, otherwise it would be mayhem. Of course not every player has the same moral code..

Cahill scores own goal.

I will taunt you, like the little shit I am, and unleash the fires of Mordor upon you Gareth..

Ha ha, now I will pat you on the head to really rub it in...and infect you with my...paw thing..

Now I will run away and let my mini Orc friend, David Silva, take over..

Cahill, Azpi and Chelsea claim victory.

"Look yonder Gary, you can see his head poking above those blades of grass. Let's catch him and put him in a jar, so you can take him home for your kids to play with."
"No Azpi, we are of the Light - the realm of proper men. Let the little one return to the Dark Lands during his four match suspension and reflect on why he has such a major character defect."

Then we had to endure the post match interviews:

John Stones' gibberish was just embarrassing - might as well have been deciphering hieroglyphics. Equally amusing was Pep's view that Aguero's tackle wasn't intentional - you've got to love him.

Anyway, all that really matters is that CFC 'mashed' them and that David Luiz' career wasn't ended.

Give Aguero the extra three match ban he deserves and be done with it.

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