Friday, 27 February 2015

Betfair P&L...

So here is my Betfair P&L for Saturday 28 Feb 2015. Only ten markets but good profit. Most people would be happy with this sort of return...

Except for one thing of is actually Friday 27 Feb 2015 - so the races in the screen shots haven't yet been run.

Manipulating betting exchange / Betfair accounts on the web is nothing new - just look at virtually any site trying to sell you a betting / trading system! Video requires a little more work...but not much.

Check out this related You Tube video that I did. The video was also posted today, Friday 27 Feb 2015.

You Tube:

It took me about fifteen minutes to set up. The video could have been much more convincing if I'd wanted to put in more time.

Be careful.

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