Friday, 6 February 2015

Please God. Not Blatter...

So probably the most hated man in football is set to run for another term as FIFA president.

It looks as if there will be some better organised opposition to Blatter in the May 2015 elections but don't bet against him manoevering himself into a fifth term.

Sepp Blatter trying to look cute

It's a disgrace really, if Sepp Blatter was a politician in the free world he would have been forced to step down years ago. Instead, this patronising, arrogant, most probably corrupt autocrat continues to operate his own mini-dictatorship and drag the name of football through the sea bed.

Sea bed? Yes. Blatter is a Sea Cucumber.

See the likeness?

Sea Cucumbers can turn to liquid. They can contract their muscles and jettison some of their internal organs out of their anus...and they live in the sea...on the bed.

So please collapse your 'spine', liquefy your body and trickle your way back to the ocean.

It's not the end of the world Sepp, as you know Sea Cucumbers can breed sexually or asexually...which is lucky for you - the ocean can be a vacuous and lonely place.

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