Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Great Ugly...

So the Hurricane (or 'Fly' if you prefer) did it again, pulling off a fifth consecutive BHP Insurances Irish Champion Hurdle from literally out of the mire on Sunday. In doing so he beat Istabraq's record in the race. Does this assure his place as the greatest hurdler in modern times?

He looked beaten two or three flights out, off the bridle and up against the cruising Jezki - but as Jezki hit the last - Hurricane Fly took his chance and pulled away to win.

You've got to love this horse but he looks bloody awful! The trace clipping doesn't help of course but in the parade ring he has 'loser' written all over him because he often looks scruffy and sweaty - a kind of cross between a raggedy stray dog and a horse!

Part dog, part horse?

Has this horse done a deal with the Devil?

Seriously though, respect.

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