Monday, 12 January 2015

Short Priced Lay...

This is just a quick 'after the fact' video of another in play trade (more of a bet actually). The horse concerned was Bairns at Bay and I was against it before the off and in running I never really thought it would get home.

I make a bit of an odd statement towards the end of the video! I think what I am trying to say is that hedging out is a good idea if you can see runners coming from off the pace and your horse is still looking ok - because often this can lead to a price fluctuation but with the horse you have laid still getting home.

If your horse is simply flagging at the front - you can dump the hedge bets because if caught - there is no chance of him getting back up.

Still, it's a fine line, and these shorter distance races are more like bets really as there is little time to think. It's really about getting on at a good price (for me anyway!)

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