Tuesday, 13 January 2015

FIFA Team of the Year...

So the FIFA Team of the Year 2014 is out. Of course big tournaments and matches come into play like the World Cup and the Champions League but I would like to see more day in day out league play count for something.

I mean the fact that Messi picked up the Golden Ball in the World Cup was a complete joke and he knew it too! Can we trust anything to do with FIFA?

Lionel Messi overjoyed at winning the Golden Ball

Neuer, for example, is a fine keeper and a current World Cup winner but he had a fantastic team in front of him and he is part of the dominant team in the Bundesliga - I mean there simply is no other threat. Bayern Munich being eleven points clear at this stage of the season says it all.

Di Maria had a couple of great games in the World Cup and also did a bit of work for Real Madrid too. In fact he was so good that they sold him to Man Utd. After a couple of good games in the Premiership he has been fairly mediocre...certainly against proper teams.

David Luiz deserves to be there for his hair alone and of course he is ex-Chelsea.

Arjen 'run in a straight line then cut in-field and shoot with my left foot' Robben - well I guess that works for all but the best defenses. But he's ex-Chelsea so we'll let it go.

Messi and Ronaldo can play a bit so they can stay in.

Iniesta - that's funny!

Lahm - Why?

Kroos - Ok.

Silva - Haven't watched him enough.

Ramos - Could have been him or one of fifty others.

So lets just keep it simple. In future, the team that wins the toughest league in the world is the team of the year. So for 2015 the team of the year will be:

Thank you.

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