Friday, 22 January 2016

Good Odds...

This is a situation I often end up with. Anyone who has looked at my vids will know that I am generally against the favourite in a race (often other horses too if I feel the price is too short).

In the example below, I had a small lay bet in running against Heron's Heir. In the end, however, I hedged / backed it and got out. The horse won. If you pick your races carefully and there is still time in the race, you can expect some fluctuation in price that will allow you to do this, if you feel it is necessary. The difficulty is getting out quickly and getting your maths right in what amounts to a few seconds!

Although the trade ended up as a small loss, when you look at the final risk / reward in terms of loss and profit you can see that you have ended up with excellent odds.

Graph below shows price fluctuation near the finish.

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