Monday, 1 June 2015

Big Prices In Running...

Collected a few big priced winners on the graphs a few weeks ago - Tom Dooley being the best of them going out to 1000.0 before going on to win. Around £20.00 was matched at maximum odds.

There was a spate of big priced winners in play around that time - thereafter we had a 400.00, 150.00 and a few more.

I have studied, to a degree, these extreme prices in play (1.01, 1000.0 and so on) but I could only break down the data for a few levels - although some punters may have found an edge or think that they have, I have concluded that it is probably fairly insignificant. I am sure that you could have a good year or two before breaking even and then losing in following years.

The Irish courses have had good years for extreme priced winners / losers in play and of course there are good courses in England too. Yet trying to find trends that stood up over time was hard and I think a horse race is just too Chaotic to try and predict where / when these big priced horses will win.

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