Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Stupid English Money...

Stupid English money..?

Well it finally happened - the one billion pound barrier was shattered by the end of Premier League transfer window. The good thing is that the slice of the pie is getting bigger for lower Premier League clubs, so in essence greater parity in the league should follow. Watford spending £50m says something, Palace shelling out over £25m for Benteke says something too (but I'm not sure if it's good!) The bottom placed club will still get around £80m. The bad news is that other football clubs on the continent and in the lower leagues are sure to suffer, with transfer fees going through the roof how will they be able to afford players? The German's call it 'stupid English money' and they have a point.

Perversely, the astronomical fee paid by Man Utd for Paul Pogba could yet turn out to be the best value deal of the transfer market - it's just the £20m paid to his agent, Mino Raiola, that irks - even if it did cost him a few hours of his time.

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