Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Party time for the Leicester boys

Well they've only gone and done it!

It wasn't really a surprise that it happened last night at Chelsea (see last post).

I forget the number of times Chelsea have looked down and out against Spurs at Stamford Bridge, only to rally and get a result. Spurs haven't managed to win at the Bridge since 1990.

Still, I think there is hope for Spurs, they are a young side with a good manager and he is changing the culture at White Hart Lane to a 'can do' one. One day soon they probably will win something meaningful. I just don't think they were ready to win the title this season - the last fifteen minutes of the match last night showed that more than anything. Spurs set out to have a go at Chelsea players instead of concentrating on winning the game. At least they showed a bit of spirit for once, sadly it was directed in the wrong area. To blow a 2-0 lead against a Chelsea side that aren't really playing like a Chelsea side, is not the stuff of Champions.

The last time Leicester won the Premiership

Leicester were 5000/1 to win the title. So that means they should win roughly 1 in 5000 seasons. If you imagine that Premiership football has been going on back through the ages, then 5000 seasons ago would take us back to around 3000 B.C. A long time ago. We're talking Hieroglyphic writing in Egypt, the building of the city of Troy, the constructing of Stone Henge.

In fact we know those odds are rubbish - bookmakers put them out after all. So the actual probability is probably greater. Odds of 25,000/1 might be more like it but my 'history' doesn't go back that far..

Congratulations to Leicester City.

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