Monday, 29 February 2016

Never Cash Out...

Yes..'Cash Out' has just got better...for the bookies!

So the 'Cash Out' trend is now well and truly entrenched in the market place and the bookmakers must be loving it! Imagine, Mr Punter goes online to place a bet. He does it with a bookmaker and so by default is already going to get pretty poor value in most cases. Then he is offered the choice of whether or not to Cash Out his bet at a certain point in a game...he decides to do that. Not only has he been ripped off on the initial bet, he goes back in and gets terrible odds on the Cash Out bet too!

Don't do it! The fact that the bookies are so hot on promoting it should tell you something.

Of course there are situations where Cashing Out might seem like a good idea - but the problem will always be the price.

That should read...'Let us take control of your football bets'

That's not to say that I haven't used Cash Out on the Exchanges :) I have. I do a fair bit of trading in the Correct Score markets in football. Trying to come out of a trade with many sets of fluctuating prices within the same market isn't easy. So I know that cash out is probably the best option. Trying to square up manually isn't practical and by the time you have worked it all out the market has moved again - so yes, I am ashamed to say I do occasionally use Cash Out on the exchanges.

The other day I didn't like the way things were going in a match and so I got out for a small profit of £22.00. The market wasn't very liquid at that point and there were a few 'gaps' on some prices - but the Exchange Cash Out button was offering me £14.00 which is getting close to 40% less profit!

So make sure that you pick your moment to Cash Out on the exchanges and don't trust the figure in the Cash Out display.

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