Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pre Race or In Play...

For me, the 'Rolls Royce' of exchange trading has always been pre-race trading. The fact that I prefer / do a bit more in-play trading is neither here nor there. You do need bags of concentration, in my view, to get through three or four racecards a day, six days a week on the pre-race and I don't always feel like applying myself over that sort of time period!

That said, I am often in the pre-race markets, especially if I have no real angle in-play. Making a bit of cash and spreading it between some big priced runners as a free bet can reap dividends

In pre-race trading it is more about the numbers on the screen. In-play it is more about reading the race. Horse racing knowledge helps if you are a pre-race trader but is critical with in-play trading.

If you have a positive expectation as regards profit in your betting/trading then there should be nothing stopping you doing both!

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