Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Venture

Ok it's been a while - my apologies. I have been doing some content / blogging / trading at a site called Betfile - now live with updated site at .

Content will be a bit more 'serious' and betting focussed. I will try and keep Crazy Horse going for the 'bit of a laugh stuff' but a fair bit of my time will be taken up by the new project.

I will be writing articles on betting and doing the odd trading video.

See you here again or over at Betfile.


Saturday, 31 December 2016

Liverpool v Man City...

Two decent attacks on show this evening (17.30 Kick Off). Liverpool would be the bet at the prices - 6/4 on Betfair looks very reasonable. If City drifted out past 9/4 then I might consider them instead..

The papers are full of 'Aguero's return' from suspension. More importantly, in my opinion, they have Fernandinho back - although you wouldn't even know he was playing - there has been so little fuss made of his return.

City have a terrible record at Anfield in the Premier League, having won only once back in 2003! They have lost 13 and drawn 5.

The Reds have scored in their previous 19 home Premier League games against City.

Team news for Liverpool:

Coutinho out
Matip out

Team news for Man City:

Aguero returns
Fernandinho returns
Sane out
Stones questionable

Likely Teams in Fruit Pastille design:

If they don't play well you can always pop them in your mouth and chew them...

Good luck.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Small Man Complex...

Great game on Saturday - Man City v Chelsea. A pity about the conclusion. Still, we've known for a while that Aguero has a 'dark side' especially when he is made to feel 'small'. It's as if he was spawned from deep within Mordor.

Mummy never bought me a I'll use David Luiz instead.. (2013)

Oops, I did it again... for I must destroy all mankind..especially if they're Brazilian.. (2016)

There are also 'rules' in football that players generally abide by. The fans may see a match as war but the players are usually sportsmanlike with one another, otherwise it would be mayhem. Of course not every player has the same moral code..

Cahill scores own goal.

I will taunt you, like the little shit I am, and unleash the fires of Mordor upon you Gareth..

Ha ha, now I will pat you on the head to really rub it in...and infect you with my...paw thing..

Now I will run away and let my mini Orc friend, David Silva, take over..

Cahill, Azpi and Chelsea claim victory.

"Look yonder Gary, you can see his head poking above those blades of grass. Let's catch him and put him in a jar, so you can take him home for your kids to play with."
"No Azpi, we are of the Light - the realm of proper men. Let the little one return to the Dark Lands during his four match suspension and reflect on why he has such a major character defect."

Then we had to endure the post match interviews:

John Stones' gibberish was just embarrassing - might as well have been deciphering hieroglyphics. Equally amusing was Pep's view that Aguero's tackle wasn't intentional - you've got to love him.

Anyway, all that really matters is that CFC 'mashed' them and that David Luiz' career wasn't ended.

Give Aguero the extra three match ban he deserves and be done with it.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Premier League Bets Update...

So in the run up to Christmas I am just reviewing the Premier League Ante Post bets.

First apologies for not giving Arsenal a mention! It's just that I lay them every season and I have done it for so long they don't even register in my thinking anymore! That's no disrespect to the club - they've had fantastic successes - it's just that from a purely betting perspective I haven't been able to see them winning the league in the last ten years or so. Wenger insists that his team have grown from 'boys to men' and that this could be their season - we'll see. I always look to lay them 'shortish' during the season - around 4 or 5/1 but missed the boat this time around. So no back or lay.

Chelsea: The main pick - having over-staked this I will be laying off a bit now at around 2/1. The price at the beginning of the season looked generous at 13/2. At one point they went as big as 30/1. (On that basis stick some on United - now at 46/1! ;)

Liverpool: Looking good but Coutinho being out for a month or two could be a blow. He is their Eden Hazard and he is bound to be missed.

I had a bit on Spurs for a trade - but that has probably bitten the dust - they just can't seem to get it together at the moment and Kane only now seems to be waking up.

The Man City lay is sitting around 'level' for me. They usually start well so perhaps should have waited for a shorter price. May scratch at some point to guarantee decent free bet / profit with Chelsea back.

So to Manchester Utd. - what a disaster! I thought they would be up there and of course they should be - but relieved no back money went on them. The pressure is well and truly on Mourinho. The only saving grace for the 'Portuguese Conte' is that United seem to give their managers time...and too much money..

Stoke and West Ham were 'mentions' to do well - they've been pretty rubbish - but there is a bit of time to go. In West Ham's case the new stadium could have been a boost or a negative and it has proved to be the latter.

So a mixed bag but the main picks Chelsea (back) and Man City (lay) looking good and neutral respectively - so money made.

Ante Post markets are notoriously bad value, with the bookies anyway - but trading your way through a season can really reap dividends and can be a lot of fun - Lay Arsenal at 4/1 hedge at 10/1, back Chelsea at 28/1 hedge at 2/1, back Liverpool at 16/1 hedge at 4/1 ....and we're not even in December yet... Leicester might have crucified you last season (depending on how you traded) and Chelsea staying at the top of the league from start to finish the season before - might not have been good for business - but in most (recent)seasons there is volatility and you can do a lot worse than take the big prices / lay the short prices on the main contenders as they move in the market during the early months of the season.

Monday, 31 October 2016

150 000/1 Double...

I'm not sure what it is about my choice of Spanish football matches at present.. I have been involved in only two La Liga games in the last week or so. In both I was hoping for a goal or two but wasn't quite expecting the final results of either!

Last night I was on the Las Palmas v Celta Vigo match in La Liga. Just like the Espanyol v Eibar game - it was a six goal thriller, a player sent off, with the away team going three goals up by half time, only to be hauled back to 3-3!

Celta scored three goals within 16 first half minutes, only for Las Palmas to respond with three goals within 16 second half minutes.

Beautiful symmetry...

I should have gone for the 3-3 result double :)

If you'd gone for the 3-3 result double - odds of around 120/1 for each game - you would have won at odds of around 15000/1.

If you'd gone for the 3-3 result double, with a sending off (in both matches) at odds of say 9/4 (remember it's La Liga!) - then you're on a 150,000/1 (approx) winner.

If you'd also gone for the away team being 0-3 up by half time in both games...well, someone else can do the maths but we're talking many many millions to one.

Monday, 24 October 2016

One In a Thousand...

Just going to start by saying what a great win for Chelsea, one they needed badly. At Arsenal they were all at sea - now it's three clean sheets in a row under a changed defensive system. I am not totally convinced that Chelsea's worries at the back are over but at least the Blues have Zouma to come back and Terry available.

Anyway, to another incredible match on Saturday - Espanyol v Eibar.

I traded this game and it was unreal. Eibar are mid-table, Espanyol close to the relegation zone. Espanyol hadn't won at home in four matches going into this game and are a team with low morale at present. By the end of the first half Espanyol were 0-3 down, courtesy of some shocking defending (worse than Man Utd yesterday :) only for them to launch an unlikely comeback in the second half.

At 2-3 in the 84' Caicedo was sent off for Espanyol - down to ten men you were pretty much thinking game over (again!) - only for Baptistao to score in the second minute of injury time to make it 3-3 and snatch a point.

Like an idiot I grabbed the Espanyol 'win trading chart' because they were 'in my head' at the time - when I should have grabbed the draw trading chart. Anyway you can get the general idea.

Nantucket Sleigh Ride...

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Is this the beginning of the end...?

So we've had the rise in hate crimes since Brexit. In America ethnic minorities have been abused and even set on fire in the street as a result of Trump rhetoric. The majority of people that perpetrate these crimes have no doubt always held the same views - some may have been borderline and have now been tipped over the edge. It shows how people can easily be swayed - how as soon as they feel they are supported by "the state" or by a powerful figurehead, their actions become 'justified'. Comparisons with Nazi Germany are not too far wide of the mark. If people feel marginalised or unrepresented - they can be mobilised to affect change.

It's not always a bad thing to be a contrarian.

Rebellion can seep into all aspects of life - sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Change is in the air and I think it's only because we are who we are (call it being British! :) that we will not allow this 'shift' to become full blown anarchy.

Take the 'clown craze'. This happens every year in the lead up to Halloween. This year, however, it is particularly bad. It wouldn't surprise me if this was all rolled up with what has been happening politically in the US and the UK. The boundaries of what is acceptable are rolled back. Something that should be harmless fun has become something a little more sinister...

Cue - haunting song by Iron Maiden - "Tears of a Clown"